Architectural Jazz

BCI Asia Awards recognizes Singapore’s most active architecture firms and property developers.

This year, the award ceremony is held at Marriott Hotel with a jazz flavor brought by guest performers, Kexin & Clarence.

With the dulcet sounds of Kexin’s vocals and Clarence’s guitar, the pair begun the evening with Fly Me To The Moon.


Leaving On A Jetplane is my favorite for the evening. Perhaps I never heard the song for years, and Kexin captured me with her lighthearted approach in the song originally by John Denver.

Kexin & Clarence picked a charming song list. Besides a collection of heart-warming classics such as the ever dreamy rendition of Close To You, the couple also brought a playful side of jazz which tempted the crowd to sway along with Sway With Me and Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.  With their beautiful blend of sweet, soothing vocals and gentle guitar rhythms (which reminded me of Nouvelle Vague), Kexin & Clarence savored our favorite hits back in the day almost effortlessly.

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