Talents Spotted

Sundays are Jam nights/open mic nights at The Still Bar Dempsey. Anchored by Amanda Tee, she does perfectly fine on quiet nights, but yesterday talents were bursting out of the place.

A surprise proposal

Red Kite’s first, though we’ve had enquiries of this kind before, this time round it was a plan materialised. Michael had it all sorted out – plant the band, have the band play her favourite song and he would suddenly respond to the band and make the very grand gesture after a few touching words. … More A surprise proposal

S..S..Sisters rock

Under a special feature by the Esplanade, Syltra & Shermin Lee, both musicians but whom have chosen different paths in their music, performed together on 5 & 6 October. Themed ‘I Love You Sister!’, the duo performed at the Concourse to light acoustic favourites, engaging the crowd as well as, of course, their parents.