Red Kite is a music events business which aims to help you find the most suitable live musicians for your event, be it a wedding, private party and corporate function or a dinner and dance.

Leveraging on our large pool of talents, we are sure to meet your needs by choosing the best act, customizing to your music preferences and budget.

With focus on professionalism and a good service attitude, we will make your event a success and a delightful experience.

This blog celebrates music in all forms, be it concerts, public events or our own gigs. We document and share what happened so that you can have a feel of what these talents can offer. Don’t miss our concert photos too, when one of us returns from a great gig!

Our Core Values


We provide the best creative options for our clients.


We maintain good standards and attitudes, giving our best to ensure an ideal



At the end of the day, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the experience.

Music for people

We recognise talents, and help others appreciate them.

One thought on “RedKite?!

  1. Hi, sorry to bother but I have a band which we are looking around singapore to perform and came across this blog and I realized you guys sometimes are looking for new talents so I was hoping you guys could give my band a chance. I have a youtube channel which you can check out first and see what you think. Thanks so much for your time.

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