Sober in Wonderland

  Sober Till Sunday and Cassidy Anderson performed at B Bendel’s party at Ritz Carlton on 31 March. The place was dressed in an Alice in Wonderland theme, and even had hedges and mushrooms. The guests was donned in the various characters and it was really just a mad hatter’s affair!

The Project @ DHL D&D

DHL’s d&d theme was DHL ROcks! The Project comes on for one set, thanks to Imagination. The Project performs Delilah for one of DHL’s aspiring Tom Jones   And Satisfaction Paige goes down to the dance floor to dance with the crowd!

Swimming Club D&D

Inspiration Events invited Red Kite’s talents to be part of Singapore Swimming Club’s D&D on 3 August 2009 at M Hotel. We had Peter Diaz to stroll for the cocktail hour: And two percussionists to welcome the VIP: See the video of the percussionists here: