Yumetori at Woh Hup’s Appreciation Dinner

Planned nicely by Maverique Events, Yumetori was invited to sing for Woh Hup’s annual Appreciation Dinner at Carlton Hotel for their subcontractors. Ian wasn’t able to make it that day so Sharon Nunis backed Ariel Foo up on piano that evening. When they acceded to the Shanghai Tang request, the guests gave them a standing … More Yumetori at Woh Hup’s Appreciation Dinner

Woooh Hup~!

Okay, that was meant to sound like ‘whaat up’. Red Kite worked with Voxgroup to bring about live music entertainment for the guests at the Woh Hup Subcontractors Annual Appreciation Dinner @ Shangri La Hotel The Basics started the first instrumental set with just Weinian, Jeremy and Samuel. The second set, a more vibrant one … More Woooh Hup~!