My last Placebo concert was at the BKK Rock Fest some years back. I’m really not a fan of the new album Battle for the Sun, but they did quite well overall. Of course, when they sang Special K and Bitter End, the crowd went crazier than ever. notice how security always becomes unintentional subjects … More Placebo

Shanghai Night

Creo Advertising created a perfect atmosphere with dressed-up ladies, a rickshaw, feather boas and of course, a Shanghai Jazz band. Featuring none other than the Singapore Char Siew Baos

Delicious Reel Tunes

The Singapore Char Siew Baos (without Jason) performed at the Esplanade Concourse today. Theme’s reel tunes, i.e. songs from movies. Ruby attempted the Iron+Wine indie song from Twillight, something new to her repertoire. Come down and watch them for a second night  from 715 on 18 June.