Clara Lim (b. 1995, Singapore) is a moving image artist and visual designer. Working under the moniker clarrot_, her interest in generative art and experimental image making is the driving force of her interdisciplinary medium and digital-interaction based works. As a thriving member of open source communities, her work often features visual commentary on social issues pertaining to the areas of consumerism and post-capitalism.

Three questions with Clarrot_

You are probably a hypnotist that uses psychedelia to exercise mind control. We kid. How long have you been doing this?

It’s currently my third official year as a VJ, still a long way to go! I’m definitely very much in love with this medium :’)

Boring but important question! What inspires your art?

I honestly think the familiarity around us inspires me the most and a lot of my art responds to social issues and tries to articulate some of the existential crisis within us. I stand by the idea of collectivism and crowd sourcing our materials and I’m making new and contextualised meanings. 

Let’s talk about this epic pandemic. Has it cramped your style in anyway?

It has definitely hurt my production processes! The lack of gigs and raves, that I truly miss so much! The exchange of energies between people is very different online and offline. Pros and cons for sure, but I really love being able to multi-task and being able to find time to do things or even nothing because of this pandemic.

Catch Clarrot_’s stimulating visuals on F for Fantastic!

More about the event here:

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