Credit: Basil Tan

Tattoo apprentice/designer/lecturer by day, and bedroom party fiend by night, A/K/A SOUNDS – also known as Amanda’s early foray into music was through the influence of her father, who bought her very first guitar and provided a constant appetite of sounds from his immense vinyl collection, art movies and books. This enthusiasm naturally led her discovery of electronic music, and eventually sealed her love in the genres of House, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Footwork, Jungle and Drum & Bass. Still a youngling to the scene, Amanda continues to show an impressive work rate, guest DJing in cities such as London, Antwerp, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Bali,Tokyo, Mumbai etc. and playing at festivals like ZoukOut, Outlook Japan and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. She’s also played alongside some of the most respected DJs/beatmakers in the world such as Chicks on Speed, DJ Krush, Mr Carmack, Kingdom, Danny Scrilla, ITOA, Madam X, RP Boo, and also had guest mixes on platforms such as,, Lush 99.5fm, Diskotopia,, Netil Radio etc. She previously held a regular show on the now defunct Radar Radio station where she introduced not only South-East Asian musicians, but also other international guests on her platform.

Three questions with A/K/A SOUNDS

What do you hate most about our pandemic-induced “new normal”?

That I can’t travel to be honest. I have a long distance relationship, so that makes it really difficult for us to plan our time together ahead. But I guess that’s something we have to work around now.

Or do you actually like something about it?

Honestly i think so many good things came out being in lockdown in some sense – i got closer to my family with frequent dinners together, played games with them, did some exercise.. I also had more rest, and discovered a love for making bread. It’s such a cliche I know, but I was quite surprised at how dedicated I was at it.

You’re a multi-hyphenate. If that’s a noun. So what have you been doing more of late? DJing? Designing? Baking a storm from your kitchen?

Right now, just catching up with friends and reconnecting with old ones. I had a lot of time to myself and it helped me think about how I can bridge better relationships with people. I’m currently doing DJ workshops, cooking a lot, doing some freelance design work and discovering more new music everyday 🙂

Watch A/K/A SOUNDS at F for Fantastic!

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