Self-trained after finally dealing with the burning interest in electronic music, schönseven experimented at soli parties and bars in Berlin. Coming from an electronic music haven, opportunities led her to discover beyond her initial love for vocal deep house, to deep house, dubstep, hiphop, electroswing and of course, techno. Schönseven hopes to invade your ears with her version of digitalism.

Three questions with schönseven

How did your DJ journey begin? What sparked the interest?

I used to unabashedly think I’m a music mogul, and that I have excellent taste in music. I still think the latter is true, haha. I then started to fantasize about how tracks could be mixed and go well together. Because of my avid interest in music controllers, I started DJing with Ableton and the Push, and got my first gig in Berlin. After awhile I realised they made DJ equipment for a reason so I switched over to Traktor and the likes.

Tell us more about spinning in electronic music haven, Berlin, what’s one thing you will never forget?

I can’t be more thankful to Berlin for letting a novice like me experiment at soli(darity) parties (like pro-choice parties and refugee fundraisers etc), and this bar that I spun at every Thursday, which was Girl’s Night. The people that listened to me were very forgiving and accepting of whatever I delivered. I used to decide on my own weekly themes, such as R&B, techno, women artistes in electronic or even Halloween music!  I’ll never forget The Club (name of the bar) and those nights when my friends would always drop in to support. There was also once I was scheduled to play at 5am in the morning and I did electro/dubstep. I remember being so elated even though it was just a small bunch left for the crowd and we all hung out after my gig and had pizza for breakfast!

Coming back to Singapore, was there a reverse culture shock in terms of the music scene and life in general?

Well, I’ve always been very immersed in the local Singapore music scene, given my role in Red Kite. I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but the underpinnings for each city are vastly different. Covers and commercial music thrive in Singapore, but in Berlin, they value original material. Berlin welcomes diversity; even if you really stick out like a sore thumb, people recognise and accept you. I’d say it’s harder here in SG as you are surrounded by critics, but those who make it are really the fine ones.

Watch schönseven at F for Fantastic!

More about the event here:

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