DSC01053Crafting the perfect atmosphere for your event would mean having the right music, hence the importance of knowing what your band can do. 

Jazz musicians will perform a styled rendition of Ed Sheeran’s songs and it would be nearly impossible for a pop band to do an instrumental version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. 

Hence, in our Big Book (contact us below for the catalogue) we categorize talents according to events and here’s a little explanation on what type of band might suit the type of event you’re planning for:


Networking Soiree 

Music takes a backdrop here; as a filler or to set the mood, something that’s non-intrusive. Consider a string quartet or an instrumentalist – a saxophone or violin player. They add a touch of class without sounding overpowering. If you have a stage, you can also consider a jazz trio.


redkite mailer-08

Instrumental jazz by The Blue Monks

Skillful dancers performing in the dark room under the concert light and smoke. Sensual couple performing an artistic and emotional contemporary dance

Dinner and Dance

The theme usually determines the band, but if you can’t fit retro or rock into the music, a party band usually works best. Party bands can usually perform songs that span across eras – from I Will Survive to I’ve Got a Feeling to Despacito – so they can cater to the young and old. 

redkite mailer_melissa-08
Melissa loves a party

Male business executive receiving award at conference center

Awards Night

The band needs to be a highlight between the (boring) prize-giving that can fill up the entire night. You can make the 15-20 minutes performance an arresting one by having an a cappella group harmonize a few songs, or have a beatboxer wow the crowd with his/her vocal box contortions.


redkite mailer-vonster-08
Beatboxing performance by Vonster



Open your night with a bang

Start the evening by treating your audience to a surprise, by sending in a group of electric violinists down the aisle or plant a flash mob that’s pretending to be part of the waitressing crew. Even something simple like a solo violinist or saxophone player ambling across the ballroom will arrest the crowd. If you like something loud, have percussionists pervade the corners of the room with their heart-pumping rhythms.


redkite mailer loud entrance-08
A loud entrance


Carousel. Horses on a carnival Merry Go Round.


Usually, space outdoors can be made use of by hiring strollers. They may not be heard by everyone at the same time as their sound is limited to a radius of just a few metres but they are personable and can make groups of people very happy by taking requests.


Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 3.53.10 PM
Midnight Stroll can go around singing to your requests


Abstract blur Business Conference and Presentation


If your space is bigger than huge – because you are expecting thousands, you can either have a few bands across a few stages or simply a DJ. The latter works well as its much more affordable and you can have the DJ play upbeat or lounge music, depending on your choice. The crowd doesn’t need to see who’s behind the decks, but they can feel the music. 


Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 3.56.56 PM
DJ Chris Columbus bringing the 90s back


Client in suit in boutique with shopping bags.

Product Launches

Done in-store, you are probably not working with a lot of space. Hence, you might want to consider just a saxophone player, violinist or even a flutist. If you prefer singing, a soloist or a two-piece band. A singer and guitarist won’t take much floor area and a popular choice for sound system with small areas would be to go with a Bose compact, which looks sleek and unnoticeable. They are available for around $400 and is recommended for luxury brands. 


Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 3.59.49 PM
Rit Xu and Jason Kai at Vertu’s product launch



Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 4.01.59 PM
Dawn Ho is a favourite for luxury brands


Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 12.17.57 AM

Community Events

This band has to cater to the young and old, and the heartlanders. Very simply, you would want a band that can perform a mix of English and Mandarin songs, and some in dialect. Your aunties and uncles will be clapping away.


Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 4.07.19 PM
Squarebound sings at a void deck

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. I hope these quick tips will come in useful while hiring artistes for your events in the future.😉

About Redkite Music

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any enquiries or would like to hire talents for your wedding or upcoming event!


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