Bringing Live Music from Studio to Screen

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Red Kite exists with the belief that live music makes a world of difference, and it can still do wonders for your online events. Event companies have kept buoyant by taking over the virtual landscape and riding the expertise on the bandwidth; holding ceremonies, conferences, talks and what-have-you on platforms like Zoom, Webex, Facebook and YouTube Live, and here we are to help you complete the event with the element of entertainment.

Now that Phase 2 has liberated us with more possibilities, we can have live bands perform at music studios while streaming the show to your event.



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1. Choose the Band

As with every event, you can pick from the plethora of options here. To find the band that is suitable for your occasion. Ranging from having an instrument, a cosy duo or a 7-piece Jive Talkin’, there will be something for you.


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2. Set the Date and Time

We have a studio equipped with audio support and live stream capabilities, so all you’ll need to do is to book a date and time. The studio can be rented at $100 per hour, and this works out to be more economical than renting a sound system for your event site!

It comes complete with personnel managing the live stream for you. If you already have a studio or space set up for your live stream, the band can also perform there, but the fuss would be to rent and set up the audio requirements needed.



3. Decide on Your Online Platform

We can stream online to your desired platform, as you might already have one in mind depending on your event needs. BOOM. That’s all you need to bring in entertainment for your online events, and our musicians have already taken to live streaming to keep the music alive. No, we will not be silenced, and that goes the same for you. 


Watch Our Live Sets Here  Arrow


Tee, Vern and Sarahh’s Live Set


Vivienne Caleb-03

Vivienne and Caleb streaming live from home, no studio rental is needed!


Too Much Drama’s Live Set


If you are considering hiring a professional corporate live streaming service for your events, Vivid Snaps is one of the leading live streaming service providers in Singapore. They offer a wide range of live streaming services and are geared to produce multiple cam live streams, single cam live streams and smartphone live streams at reasonable rates.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any enquiries, or want to find out the rates for our special ‘Livestream Packages’! Stay save in the meantime 😉

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