5 Things to Know About Artiste Welfare 😎

Throw in a green room complete with a fully-stocked up fridge, a massage chair and a pool table. Don’t forget the butler.

Such requirements will be necessary if you are bringing in an A-lister such as Beyoncé, but should you care to provide anything for our local talents at all?

A Holding Room Would Be Nice

Instead of having the talents roam around the compound and lounging at the hotel lobby, it would be sweet if there’s a space where they can hang out in between the soundcheck and their set times.

They won’t mind sharing the space with other performers or staff, and it will be a good idea for them to have a safe space to deposit their belongings.

Meals Would Be Nicer

If budget allows for some grub, the band would be truly appreciative. Most times, there won’t be sufficient time for them to scoot out for a decent meal, so if their tummies are taken care of, they will certainly be pleased.

Event organisers may allow them to help themselves to the buffet line after their performance, and that’s a treat as well!


Since alcohol has been argued to unleash ingenuity, who’s to stop the artistes from having some? Nah, don’t worry, they may pamper themselves with a glass from the bar but nothing enough to tamper with their professionalism.

If you’d prefer to have them stay away from some moonshine, just tell them beforehand; it’s the right of the event organisers to do so. No alcohol is fine, but denying them water would be cruel.

Don’t Forget the Coupons

Complimentary parking coupons, that is. Parking can weigh a hefty sum especially at places such as Marina Bay Sands and if there are enough coupons to spare, do set some aside for the band.

Artiste riders

Some bands or singers and entourage do require certain basic amenities, especially if they belong to the premium category. While most premium bands would have what might seem demanding requests, negotiations are most certainly welcome.

Rest assured that the deal is sealed with the performance price and won’t be off just because you can’t provide a bottle of Moët.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. I hope these quick tips will come in useful while managing artistes for your weddings / events in the future.

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