Blues By The Bay

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo is the first B2B 3D printing tradeshow in the Asia-Pacific region.his event is co-chaired and programmed by Ian Gibson of the National University of Singapore and 3D Printing Industry editors Ari Honka and Eetu Kuneinen. Partake in tutorials, conference sessions, and networking to explore business opportunities, policy considerations, and the latest 3D printers and services.537A9966

The landmark booth at the Conference was none other than the 100-ton gorilla, 3DSystems, showcasing the various ranges of their 3D printing offerings from the consumer level printers all the way up to industrial/commercial grade printing systems. Of course there was no shortage of various models on display to drool over too.



Guitarists Jonathan Tsang & Justin Koh were invited to try the 3D printed guitars designed by famous guitar designer Olaf Diegel. They sure turned up the jazz!

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