Nice finale – Gangnam Styled – Wedding of Carol & Kevin

You wouldn’t expect any less from Charlene when she sings or emcees. Carol & Kevin had picked the bubbly and cheerful girl for a mix of jazz and pop tunes for their wedding night, and she delivered her servings well indeed, inciting laughter and admiration for her ‘sultry’ vocals at the same time. When she joked about ending the night with Gangnam style, the audience took her seriously and true to her spontaneity, the songstress did the song in all fervour and what seemed like perfect Korean.
Accompanying Charlene was the quick-fingered jazz pianist Sharon Nunis from Tessera. Apparently it was a good deal that night because her husband, Kevin Kon, came along to play guitar. Talk about buy 1 get 1 free.

The young audience didn’t hesitate to get Kevin to do a Chinese number to show off his hidden talent, resulting a wide grin you couldn’t wipe off of Carol’s face.

COngratulations to the hospitable couple (who gave us seats at the banquet table) and hope you had as much fun as we did.


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