Charlene & Matthew Perform for Neo Group’s IPO Appreciation Dinner

Tonight, Tower Ballroom at Shangri-la was bustling with people and elaborate set ups. Neo Group celebrates its public listing on the SGX. Another humble to riches story, as they started out with only 8 staff and now they have 400+ staff (overheard).

Charlene Torres Tan & Matthew Siew brought some dinner entertainment to the guests. Jazz numbers started the banquet and wine, offering a perfect start to the meticulous planning of Eleventh concepts, which happens to be an event arm under Neo Group.


4 thoughts on “Charlene & Matthew Perform for Neo Group’s IPO Appreciation Dinner

  1. Nice voice, great light piano ! What are the best jazz clubs in Singapore and around there? I make lists of the best ones in the world to help people to find great places where they can feel like home. 3 conditions : musicians must be well treated, audience welcome and great program. It can be very small hidden places. Thank you for your help 🙂

    1. Hi Celine

      thanks for that. Not too many jazz clubs around in Singapore now, but Blujaz is one of the longest standing jazz place to be at. Many talented musicians jam there. There is also a new joint called Sultan Jazz Club worth checking out.


  2. Hi. can i know how can i contact eleventh concepts ? you can directly email me the contact if you have. thanks:)

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