San Nikkis light the sparks

San Nikkis burst in with song and energy during the Sam Woh D&D organised by Inspiration Ideas at Grand Corpthorne Waterfront, 30 Dece 2011. Strolling in with their arresting tune on the violins and cello, the audience sat enraptured in their seats.

FOllowing their performance, a pyrotechnics display went off at the yard just beside the ballroom, where the guests could enjoy in full view through the full length windows at the side.

Sparking off the ceremony, San Nikkis set the tone for the evening for Samwoh and guests to enjoy a particularly dynamic evening that was meant to round up the year 2011.

3 thoughts on “San Nikkis light the sparks

  1. Hi, I believe the company’s name is spelled Samwoh, not Sam Woh as you’ve done so. Great electrifying performance though!

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