Steamy Jazz with Imelda and Clarence @ Novus Courtyard

It was hot and humid evening, but the Singaporean heat hardly stopped the guests of Communicasia 2011 Summit from enjoying their canape and drinks at the charming Novus Courtyard, located in a corner of the National Museum of Singapore.

The Summit was accompanied by musicians, Imelda (singer) and Clarence (guitar). The duo greeted the Courtyard and its guests like a zephyr against the tenacious heat.

With Clarence’s soft and tender guitar riffs, and Imelda’s sweet and soothing voice, they reminded me of how good music should always complete a beautiful setting like Novus.

A song which really took my heart away that evening was ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’. Besides unconsciously swinging  along with the other guests who were lost in Imelda and Clarence’s musical spell, I was reminded of the late Heath Ledger who did a remake of the song in the 1999 chick flick, 10 Thing I Hate About You. (If you have never heard Heath Ledger’s remake, click on this link to watch!)

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