Elitc celebrates 25 years

On 1 April, Elitc invited over 200 guests to commemorate their 25 years of training.

Alex Tan was the master of ceremony. He begun the evening with an original song called ‘Reach for the Stars’ which was written specially for Elitc’s theme this year, Rewind Reinvent Reach!

The Guest of Honor was Mr Ong Ye Kung.

From the top English hits on the local airwaves to all-time Mandarin and Hokkien favorites, there was no doubt that The Singapore Char Siew Baos brought up the spirits of all guests, which included both young and old folks, as they enjoyed their sumptuous dinner.

One of the highlights of the evening was marked by salsa dancers from Attitude Studio who demonstrated how smooth moves can be executed by a fine choreography. Mentored by Gupson Pierre, his first pair of ladies enthralled the audience with their graceful body maneuvers.  Later, a salsa couple flaunts some sensual moves which truly spiced up the occasion.

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