Slash + Coheed and Cambria

I was waiting for Welcome Home. And it was awesome.

Anyway, the crowd was a mix of older people and young kids – ignorantly trapped in the heart of the crowd at the front. Disappointingly, there wasn’t any moshing until the 3rd last song. And man, the mosh pit area was muddy and I almost fell! Take a look at what happened to my shoes (last pic).

About Slash. Miles Kennedy is great, he can certainly pull the songs off and he is a good performer as well. Slash is a man of few words (and vulgarities) – but they deemed the crowd as awesome and all. Wonder if they say the same for every gig?

Respect is when you see Slash having passion for his old worn guitars. He is a truly great guitarist. He has lived.

people who can play guitar with their teeth are freaks. good freaks

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