Au Revoir Simone

You know it when fame doesnt get to the heads of some people. It shows. In their demeanour, the way they look at the crowd, the way they smile.

Au Revoir Simone’s a genius band, full of creativity and I daresay, great packaging. Talent goes a long way too. But you’ll see why I say creative.

Annie’s so shy. When someone shouted,”Nice dress!” She took a 5 sec time frame to react and then bashedly said, “Me?”

I can imagine how many people fell for her last night.

I like Heather, she’s very cool and talented. Wait, that sounds like everyone else in the band.

Erika’s the lead vocalist. You know I never even figured that different girls led for different songs. Their voices just harmonise so nicely.

Guess what this is used for?

A bass drum!

Watch bass drum action here:

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