Happy 2010

Red Kite managed to pull off having multiple events on New Year’s Eve, thanks to the follow bands:

Singapore Char Siew Baos

Los Santos

Phase to Face


Maybe Friday

All of the Above (Shi Li & company)

DJ Matt Wainwright

Thanks all, for making the night possible.

Here are some pictures where I was, which was at Oriole Cafe (Pan Pacific Suites). I counted down with All of the Above, which is made up of Brandon on drums, Adrian on bass, Adi on keys, Shi Li on vocals and Moses on guitar.

I couldn’t take a break after the 31st – we had celebrations at the Waterfront, starting with Impromptu on the first day.

day 2 was Phase 2 Face

Day three is for Inc Co. band which plays at Lobby Bar, St James Powerstation weekly

Also, Jason & Lyn was married at the ACM on January 1

we had Phobee and Clarence live

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